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HHAD2020 Ren3

(Pictured above is Ren Autrey & Kiki Serantes co-facilitating a workshop at HHAD 2020)

The Resident Action Project is a statewide network in Washington led by people who have experienced housing injustice. Together, we are building power to change state policy through storytelling, organizing, and civic action.

Our aim is to build a statewide network of people who are directly impacted by housing and homelessness issues who are leading the charge for social change. These issues do not exist in a vacuum. We know that too many of the people with lived experience are people of color, people who identify as LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, and single parent families, and housing is one part of a larger system of oppression that we hope to address in our organizing work.

By becoming a Resident Action Project friend and member, you will gain organizing, advocacy, and policy skills.  We are connected to the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance, where we have access to the resources we need to bring about justice to all Washington-ians. We welcome anyone with a lived experience and non-profit staff!

Take part in our Statewide Call every other Wednesday from 6pm-7pm! To join, call 866-792-9154 and use access code 741-789-6549#

Outsiders Inn is excited to be supporting RAP.  Join us in getting a network of local people who are directly impacted by housing and homelessness issues in Clark County and Vancouver organized! Join in the call and find out about the latest.


or https://residentactionproject.org/signup/


RAP Summit Vancouver 2019