Meet Cholo

Ren here...Hello!

I had a moment today where I was in the warm van with my spoiled dog getting a treat - and I started remembering the past times when we were living in our van along the hot summer California coast. That heat pushed us North to hopefully find some relief and safety. I couldn't leave the van - if I closed it to keep it safe he would suffer, or the window even if left partially open it was at risk of being broken by a well meaning person of privilege or broken in by someone not meaning to be nice at all. I had already received a few notes stuck to my partially open window when I returned from a bathroom break or short trip into a store for necessities stating how terrible I was for leaving him there. I would say, "Where should I leave him?" This was our house for the time being! We both lived in that heat and did the best we could do in it. Together.

While in line waiting for the cool treat, I was tagged by my friend Olivia Zakit in her beautiful endeavor of caring for homeless pets and their owners trying to do the best they can in this heat. She posted:

"To kick off my 10 years, I am doing a homeless dog drive wanting to collect dog shoes cooling towels cooling bandanas even cooling beds food anything helps gotta give back"

After I read those words it was too much and I had to just cry. The barista asked if I was okay as I came up to the window and I wiped the tears and said, "Oh it's a good cry!" And it was. My heart was full seeing that Olivia gets it. Somebody in this world gets how hard it is to keep our furry friends safe and unharmed when we have so much happening that is out of our control...and wants to help. *Sob*

So yes... I am with her 100% on this Homeless Dog drive to celebrate her 10th year of recovery. She just rocks in so many ways! We will help her gather funds/items and then distribute them to those furry family members on the street here in Vancouver through outreach workers.

THANK YOU Olivia for getting it... And thank you anyone who wants to help us celebrate with us this way.

~ Ren & Adam


You can help unhoused neighbors and their pets re-connect! Put in the memo that you want to help Olivia's Homeless Dog Drive. Donating for a specific person or project or even a small recurring donation can help us continue to make these connections and support local unhoused resident projects and outreach.

Facing Homelessness Vancouver WA is a program of Outsiders Inn. Outsiders Inn is a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and can provide receipts for tax purposes.