Meet LuLu 2018

Meet LuLu

We met "LuLu" at Project Homeless Connect while she waited on her turn to go thru the doors and learn about more resources. She was there to find housing options to get her and her baby due who is due in August into a safer situation. Right now, she and her boyfriend are living in a motor home that "has a lot of leaks and is not that great, but it's not on the streets!", she said proudly. But she knows she wants better than those leaks to bring her baby home, so they were at the resource event to find hope.

She and her boyfriend, Daren, have been working hard supporting each other to stay positive on their recovery journeys and they both had a lot of smiles for each other. She has been sober since December and he is now digging in and working hard to follow in her footsteps of getting clean, too. They both feel good that they have plans in action working to get healthier for themselves and their new family. Lulu shared with me that she has had more than a couple of dreams that baby will be a little boy and she has big hopes that those dreams are true. We join her in those wishes that all of the dreams come true and that they will all be able to stay in a healthy and happy home.

~ Adam & Ren


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