Meet Daniel 2018

Meet Daniel

First thing is Thank You Daniel for being, brave, honest, and trusting enough to allow me the opportunity to get to know you over the years and for allowing us to share your journey with everyone else. Daniel was convicted of a crime when he was 18 and he is and will carry the stigma and struggle that comes with those choices for the rest of his life. Being a survivor myself, I understand how and where a lot of bad choices come from, and that ultimately as adults, we have to take responsibility no matter what. Daniel does that, and has been struggling to survive on our streets for almost 20 years. The street is a place where you learn no matter what label you carry, it is your integrity and respect that will carry you forward. And as the song goes, “you may not get what you want, but if you keep on trying, you will usually get what you need.”

Department of Corrections works to keep probation and parolees doing what they are supposed to be doing. So recently when Daniel didn’t keep his ankle bracelet charged up and he seemed to be off the radar, of course they had to violate him and give him more days in jail. That led to county work crews finding his camp and removing all his things when he did not return soon enough to obey posted signs. So therein lies the endless cycle of how can some people struggle to find some amount of consistency, recovery, or hope in life. Daniel’s gentle, respectful, and typically happy demeanor can only go to show if he can do it, anyone can do it. Keep on believing in yourself, in others and the world Daniel, because we believe in you!

~ Adam & Ren


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