Meet Deborah 2018

Meet Deborah

We bumped into Deborah over the lasagna lunch at the Live Love Center this week. She is a sweet lady who is surviving with her 3 kitties in her van with a smile. She has children and grandchildren up in Alaska that are growing up fast, but she is uncertain when everything will come together to be able to make that trip a safe one back for her. Meanwhile, she is out enjoying the sunny spring weather that our area has been experiencing, and I don't blame her! It was nice to soak up the smiles and conversation that was happening around us on a beautiful Spring day. We enjoyed Deborah's positive attitude as she made her connections with friendly faces and resources that will keep her going through the rest of the week. We know that attitude will keep her going in good directions!

Shout out to the volunteers at The Live Love Center on Andresen who put on a lovely Wednesday Lunch at that offers positive connections, meals and food boxes for Vancouver's homeless and low-income folks. You guys are awesome!

~ Adam & Ren


You can help unhoused neighbors re-connect! Donating for a specific person or project or even a small recurring donation can help us continue to make these connections and support local unhoused resident projects and outreach.

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