MeetNick Sarah Sofia 2019 2

Meet Nick, Sarah, Sofia and Princess

2019 starts off with a fresh reminder that the face of homelessness has been changing. This young family are proof of that. New to Vancouver from Montana, they are doing everything in their power to do what it takes to stay healthy as a family and get inside.

Sofia is the bright-eyed beacon of happiness that keeps this young family motivated! She is a talkative, loving and inquisitive 9 month old and the light of Nick and Sarah’s life. Nick is working hard to get connected with education and work resources here to get his family back inside and keep their life headed in good directions. They were able to get a spot in the WHO which will be help in this process, but with the spot in WHO came a new challenge. Their small senior dog, Princess, wouldn’t be able to stay with them at the shelter. They needed a place their beloved 16 year old senior pet could stay while things get figured out, and that’s how we got to meet this awesome family!

We are excited that we are able to help Princess and her family through this challenge. Our home has 2 other senior dogs, and a few other senior citizens that are excited for the new sofa snuggle buddy! Sometimes it’s hard to see the ways we can help support each other in overcoming the challenges of life. Sometimes it’s just about opening your heart and mind… and maybe a spot on your lap.

~ Adam & Ren


You can help unhoused neighbors re-connect! Donating for a specific person or project or even a small recurring donation can help us continue to make these connections and support local unhoused resident projects and outreach.

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