We ran into Rickie outside of the laundromat this week and we asked how he has been since last winter when we had first met. He shook his head and said it's been a rough year, but he was surviving. He talked about the demons of life never being too far behind for him. We asked him what he planned to do, and he said, β€œIt’s simple!” I am going to try to contact my Mama and let her know I am still kicking.” He knew she would lift his spirits like no one else can, and it had been too long since he called and he knew she would be worried. He asked if my phone had minutes that I could spare, and it did - so we dialed the long distance number he had memorized and put her on speaker right then and there. We both got to hear her sweet excitement over receiving the call and we smiled. It was special to feel the love of a worried Mother having her prayers answered that her son was still alive and safe. They caught up quickly on latest news of other family members, she gave thanks for the call and sent her love and prayers to him through the cellular waves and he smiled and sent his love back to her, too. And just like that, everyone in this family had hope again.

Over and over again we see that one moment of disconnection with family, with loved ones, with anyone that is part of our support system, can totally separate us and leave us feeling even more lost, alone, and hopeless. So many times one phone call and just the sound of their voice can wipe away all that happened to separate each other in the first place. We are constantly urging people to think about forgiveness and that we all need people in our lives. We all function better when we are loved and feeling connected.

~ Adam & Ren


You can help unhoused neighbors re-connect! Donating for a specific person or project or even a small recurring donation can help us continue to make these connections and support local unhoused resident projects and outreach.

Facing Homelessness Vancouver WA is a program of Outsiders Inn. Outsiders Inn is a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and can provide receipts for tax purposes.


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