Meet Rick FHVWA

When you meet this gentle soul, you will immediately notice his constant use of deep rooted manners. He attributes this to his parents, especially his mother. Rick is a veteran who is proud of his service, even tho he navigates a deep sadness for reasons he is not quite ready to share. And this is from a man that easily shares the best and worst of his life choices. You might have seen Rick at some of our on ramps flying a sign. If you have and you have ever helped him out, he specifically asked me to say a loud and very genuine THANK YOU.

The thing about Rick is that he has had three loves of his life in his almost 70 years. Like a tragic love story, he tells me the exact start and ending dates of each of these beautiful relationships that had been part of his life. Rick's done fighting himself and he keeps attempting to do what he needs to do. He knows not to beat himself up for not being perfect and he is determined to get inside and start treating himself with respect. We hug and ask permission to remind him of these things he is saying to us today. He said, "That would be ok. In fact, I would like it if you did. I know I can count on you guys to push me a little when I need it."

Join us in encouraging Rick and everyone navigating tough times to treat themselves with respect and kindness. We all deserve beautiful endings to the tragic stories in our lives.

~ Adam & Ren


You can help unhoused neighbors re-connect! Donating for a specific person or project or even a small recurring donation can help us continue to make these connections and support local unhoused resident projects and outreach.

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