08 Jan 18 16It is estimated that in every school district across the country, for every 10,000 students there are 20 families who have no other choice, but to sleep in their cars.  That means there are about 65,000 families living in transition waiting for a permanent place to stay.

Churches are the only place to park legally for over 2 weeks.  Our systems make it possible for churches to offer this kind of service to their communities.

From the https://goconnect.org/safepark/ webpage:

"Faith communities desire to respond to the growing reality that individuals, couples and families from our local communities are sleeping in their vehicles as the only option for housing.

Over 300 family units have been identified as living in their vehicles within the first few months of 2017.  As parents strive to care for their family they are faced with the problem of having a place to park their vehicle safely and legally.  County code states that people cannot reside in parking lots overnight, even private parking lots.

Luckily, State and Federal permits faith communities to use their property (including parking lots) and their resources to carry out their mission.  Church parking lots are one of the only places where people can park and stay overnight legally.  No, Locally Walmart does not allow it anymore.

We are supporting congregations who are opening their parking lots who are offering hospitality to those living in their cars. Our solution is simple. Local churches opening their parking lots to families who are living transitionally out of their vehicles.

SafePark Process

  1. A family calls the Housing Solution Hotline at 360-695-9677.
  2. An intake is completed and a background check is completed for everyone in the family over 18 years of age.
  3. Our volunteer coordinator is notified of new placements.
  4. A volunteer is present at the first arrival to provide a parking permit.
  5. Guests can arrive around 7pm and depart before 8:00am.


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