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OutsidersInn is changing perceptions about homelessness through communication and healthy advocacy.


Vancouver, WA -  OutsidersInn is a local grassroots organization 501 c (3) with the overall goal to use a multi-pronged approach to tackling the problem of homelessness, separation, and discrimination. Essentially we are:

  • Bringing peer support to the people outside.  

  • Advocating for the homeless community in public meetings.

  • Advocating for the people and agencies that provide services for the homeless.

  • Building awareness in person and online about housing issues.

  • Bringing people together through healthy communication.

  • Changing perceptions & stopping separation.

  • Providing encouragement and inspiring hope.


Here is a little of what OutsidersInn has done:

  • We were directly involved in developing policy and procedures concerning due process of handling homeless person’s belonging and camps.

  • Advocacy in bringing the voice of the homeless to the table regarding the Day Center.  We completed approximately 150 real time surveys with the homeless community so they had input into the services the Day Center provided.  --The effects of this kind of communication and engagement has deep and lasting results in not only the project going on, but also within the homeless community itself. Helping this community to be heard and listened to is the core of our work.

  • In the process of working the outreach and Day Center surveys, the real need of single women’s shelter beds was made clear, and we are working closely with agency leaders to support the efforts in finding a viable solutions.

  • We collect food and clothing donations and distribute those donations straight to the people most in need.. 

  • We provide anytime support and resource navigation through social media and our website, as well as face-to-face peer support daily.  These last two points are part of the core efforts of OutsidersInn by developing trust and providing basic needs.

  • Working on outreach and engagement for the Housing Solutions center as an ongoing effort to improve outreach to possibly reach those individuals that for whatever reason we might never be able to reach if we didn’t breach the gap of uncertainty and mistrust that currently exists.

  • We are working with agency directors to develop a training and development program that includes, community health, trauma, recovery and peer support. --  This is one of the most vital and exciting aspects of our program right now. Not only will this help to shape and mold our own organization but we are hoping to make this into a model we can duplicate to help existing organizations throughout the state.

  • We collaborate with faith-based leaders on a number of issues including being an active members of a committee trying to coordinate a possible safe car camping project, working with the inter-faith coalition to end homelessness, and supporting the different organizations in their humanitarian and housing programs, included in those organizations are the Live Love Center of Living Hope, Grace MInistries, In His Care, According To His Word, the Rock, and of course, Friends of the Carpenter.

  • We have organized & supported events bringing people from all walks of life together for fun and unity.  These events have included a recent Art Show, a Back to School Party, and plans are being discussed for even more future events.

  • Meeting and partnering with successful organizational leaders from other cities to hopefully start some of their best practices here. (Facing Homelessness)


OutsidersInn is helping to extend their global community by partnering with Facing Homelessness in Seattle and administering the “Homeless in Vancouver WA” project and creating a beautiful and compelling Facebook page that humanizes the issue of homelessness.  It has become a popular and active Facebook community just in its first month. We have gotten over 1000+ followers at last count, and that number grows daily.  Most story posts are read by 3 to 5 thousand people with one post even reaching almost 12+ thousand.  We respond to every message directly in a timely manner and also pass along messages to the people the story is about, so communications can continue to grow.  (