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Evictions Averted!

Earlier this week we posted about the possible evictions of the persons camping on the guard rail outside of the Share House. I am HAPPY and proud to say that these evictions will NOT be happening at this time!

For those who don't know, camping on the streets around Share House never used to be allowed. Police harassment, illegal camping citations, and city and neighbor complaints all went into making people without homes feel as though they were criminals. Along with the downtown waterfront developments, the increase of homeless people, the issue of decreasing available affordable housing in the area, along with the lawsuit against City and County for not following due process when it comes to handling homeless people's belongings has led to a more tolerant attitude from all involved. They can no longer just push it away and not face it, but at the same time they are also ill-equipped to deal with all the accompanying issues they are facing, so there has been many problems that have arisen because of this.

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