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08 Jan 18 16It is estimated that in every school district across the country, for every 10,000 students there are 20 families who have no other choice, but to sleep in their cars.  That means there are about 65,000 families living in transition waiting for a permanent place to stay.

Churches are the only place to park legally for over 2 weeks.  Our systems make it possible for churches to offer this kind of service to their communities.

From the webpage:

"Faith communities desire to respond to the growing reality that individuals, couples and families from our local communities are sleeping in their vehicles as the only option for housing.

Over 300 family units have been identified as living in their vehicles within the first few months of 2017.  As parents strive to care for their family they are faced with the problem of having a place to park their vehicle safely and legally.  County code states that people cannot reside in parking lots overnight, even private parking lots.

Luckily, State and Federal permits faith communities to use their property (including parking lots) and their resources to carry out their mission.  Church parking lots are one of the only places where people can park and stay overnight legally.  No, Locally Walmart does not allow it anymore.

We are supporting congregations who are opening their parking lots who are offering hospitality to those living in their cars. Our solution is simple. Local churches opening their parking lots to families who are living transitionally out of their vehicles.

SafePark Process

  1. A family calls the Housing Solution Hotline at 360-695-9677.
  2. An intake is completed and a background check is completed for everyone in the family over 18 years of age.
  3. Our volunteer coordinator is notified of new placements.
  4. A volunteer is present at the first arrival to provide a parking permit.
  5. Guests can arrive around 7pm and depart before 8:00am.


Program Resources

Project Homeless Connect 2018

PHC 2018 extrainfo

Location: St. Joseph Catholic Church at 400 S Andresen Rd (map)
Time: 9am to 2pm
Date: January 25th, 2018
Shuttles will be available from Share House, WHO, Share Fromhold, Friends of the Carpenter in Vancouver and St. Anne's in Washougal.

Main event location
St. Joseph Catholic, 400 S Andresen Rd, Vancouver, WA 98661

Shuttle service will be available.  The Shuttle Plan:
1. The first pick up will be at 6:45 or 7am.
2. We will place a sign at each location with Andre the Shuttle Coordinator’s number (360) 562-8050 and ask people to text with the location. Shuttle Coordinator will then text other driver with number of people and location of pick up.
3.The event is over with at 2, so a final call will be about 1:30.

Van #1 - Friends of the Carpenter
1. Friends of the Carpenter / Day Center - 1600 W 20th St, Vancouver
2. Share House - 1115 W 13th St, Vancouver
3. St. Pauls - 1309 Franklin St, Vancouver - ONE TIME IN AM
4. Gazebo - 605 Esther St, Vancouver
5. Library - 901 C St, Vancouver

Van #2 - East Vancouver Community Church - 7am to 1pm
1. St. Andrews - 5607 NE Gher Rd, Vancouver - ONE TIME IN AM
2. Orchards Inn - 5609 NE 102nd Ave, Vancouver - ONE TIME IN AM
3. Homestead - 4921 NE Hazel Dell Ave, Vancouver - ONE TIME IN AM
4. CVAB - 1601 Plain Blvd, Vancouver, USA
5. Living Hope - LiveLove - 2711 NE Andresen Rd, Vancouver
6. Share Fromhold - 2306 NE Andresen Rd, Vancouver

On-Call Only Locations
1. St. Annes - 2350 Main St, Washougal, WA 98671
2. Firstenburg - 700 NE 136th Ave, Vancouver, WA 98684
Can you help?  Sign up to volunteer here:
If you have any questions, please email event coordinator David Bilby This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Click to follow link and download the Shuttle flyer.

Facebook Event to share:

Photos from last year available here:

The Pocket Guide, Resources & Tips for Surviving on the Streets, Vancouver

Winter 2017-2018 version released!   

Pocket guidefrom the Council for the Homeless website:

"Local advocates for people who are homeless and living outside created a Pocket Guide featuring practical tips for survival and finding assistance. Led by community advocate and volunteer Lois Smith, the Pocket Guide offers important tips for safety, finding resources, and surviving during different types of weather. Two unique features about the Pocket Guide are:

  1. People who live outside or have lived outside contributed to the content of the Pocket Guide. Additional input came from social service providers. Practical tips include “place crumpled newspaper in the bottom of your sleeping bag to stay warm” and “don’t lay tarp directly on your tent; create a lean-to over the tent to keep it dry.”

  2. The Pocket Guide is printed on waterproof and tear proof paper. It is also folded and small enough to fit in a pocket or other small space. Lois and the team of volunteer advocates (Jamie DeForest Spinelli, Wendy Bukoski, Shelly Gaylor, Lonnie Klugman, and Tom Eaton) worked for six months on the project. Phil Verry, a local graphic designer, charged a reduced rate for his services to the project. Council for the Homeless sponsored the cost of the design and printing. The team designed a specific distribution plan that focuses on community service agencies sharing the Pocket Guides primarily with the newly unsheltered who may be struggling with where to go and how to survive. Groups interested in distributing the Pocket Guides should contact Lois Smith directly.

The Pocket Guide is available throughout Clark County. To ask for distribution sites or request a printed copy of the Pocket Guide, please contact Lois at 360-326-3970.