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Follow these steps and suggestions, regardless of what you may have heard:

Immediately call the Housing Solutions Hotline at 360-695-9677 they will do a phone assessment and then inform you of any availability in shelters.  If there isn't space available, they will tell you specifc times and days to call back. Those times are different for men, women and families. Make sure to start calling 3-5 minutes prior to the time assigned. The way it works is, if an opening becomes available, then those openings are given to the first callers at the assigned times. So CALL on your assigned times/days.

Other options if you are struggling with addiction and staying clean, there is the sobering unit where anyone, depending on availability, can get a bed for 12 hours and if an individual so desires, he may then possibly go from the sobering unit to detox. These possibly can be obtained by calling 360-397-8500

If you are a single female and dealing with a domestic violence situation, there is the YWCA Safe Choice program 360-696-0167

Also if you have SSI, SSDI or an income from any source, there are numerous faith-based organizations that have clean and sober houses that only require an adherence to their policies of sobriety and faith.

Along the same line but without the religious component are Oxford Houses totaling 42 houses in Vancouver alone. Main requirements are sobriety, house meeting and chores. Both the faith-based houses and Oxford houses cost between 350$ to 450$ a month, and with that comes all utilities paid, laundry, cable, internet, and coffee. Some are single rooms, some are shared - and in today's economy there is no better deal than these two options for your money and your recovery.  It also can be very beneficial having to practice accountability for your behavior and actions while living with others that are also learning all over again.

If you have no income after calling the housing solutions line for the second time, ask them for a housing intake assessment so you can see if you are a good fit for any of the city, county, and agency programs.

When you go to your housing intake assessment be as honest as possible telling them about all the things you struggle with, including mental health diagnoses, addiction, and criminal background, as many of these things will make you eligible for programs that are only available to those with provable histories.

I hope this helps.  Any one who needs further explanation or wants some one-on-one walk throughs with this stuff, feel free to use any one of the numerous ways to get a hold of me and I or one of my associates will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you!

Adam Kravitz
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.