Clark County Unhoused Residents Association Town Hall Meeting Minutes for Sept 8, 2016

What's currently happening:

  1. The WHAT: the woman's shelter -- The latest news on attempts to continue through the winter
  2. Social Peace and Justice Fair happening THIS Saturday 9-10  down at Esther Short Park 9am to 4pm   -- We will have a table there to pass out CCURA flyers and other homeless-centered resources.  We also will have a fully loaded backpack for fair visitors to put on and “walk a mile in our shoes” with the weight of your house on your back.  We hope to make some great connections and change perspectives.
  3. CVAB Reach Center -- Homeless Support Group on Saturdays at 10 am at The Reach Center, 1601 E. 4th Plain Blvd
  4. SHARE News:  -- Showers are still not finished work continues – Trinity Lutheran is doing Showers on Thursdays but these need to be signed up for thru outreach at the Share House.
  5. Homeless Art Show at Library -- dates moved forward to December. They need time to prepare the art peices with frames, etc. it should be a great show!
  6. Community needs survey --  why it’s important.
  7. CTRAN  - changes concerns & comments -
  8. VPD Updates - Our neighborhood police dept representative should start attending  
  9. OutsidersInn is able to offer a limited amount of showers and laundry on Sat and Sun between 12-5   at The Abbey at NE corner of 20th & Broadway.
  10. Housing assessments: to be done at SHARE house by OutsidersInn on Friday afternoons 3 – 5

Announcements and Topics brought up:

  • Social Peace and Justice Fair -- 10th year – 93 sign ups!  Police Bureau & Black Lives Matter will both be there -- so there is sure to be good conversations and connections.
  • Prop 1 – Bring Vancouver – Getting the word out is VERY important.
  • Voter Registrations need to get out there – Felons and Homeless with address CAN VOTE.  WA is a mail-in ballot state -- state law just needs a location to send the ballot.
  • Greatest needs? – Work / jobs. Houses we can afford.  --  Hope.
  • Vendor Peddler’s license thru the city steps are concerning.
  • Community Services Northwest –   A great option to SHARE -- The services they provide are immense.  Rides, support, mental health, outreach teams.  Contact PATH Team for Outreach services.

Reminder that next meeting dates secured THRU DECEMBER 2016!!  Future Community Town Hall meetings will be on the second Thursday of the month at St. Luke’s, at the same 2-4pm.   See you Oct 13!!