Clark County Unhoused Residents Association Town Hall Meeting Minutes for June 9th, 2016

What's currently happening:  
A. -- Our By-laws committee updates by Josh W.  Pro-temp by-law copies were passed out for everyone to review.  Suggestion time was made. One suggestion was made for an amendment to include an abstain vote option to the yay or nay options.  Discussion was had and a motion made to amend the line, all present seconded/agreed/passed.  Motions to accept bylaws as amended made/seconded/passed.

B.  Affordable Housing Levy Vote Campaign. June 13 is the next Rally in Red 5 pm City Hall. Discussed conversations had information on how to support the measure. (FB page, events)

C.  Safe car camping updates on hold while fire investigations are ongoing.

D. Homeless Art Show at Library Mandi got her volunteer application approved and will be helping with the Art Show. Submissions still welcome. This will be a great showcase place where offers to buy the art can be made (one offer already made for an item before the show even began!)

E.  OutsidersInn has ArtReach Community Sundays at The Abbey at 20th & Broadway now from 4 to 7.   -- We have an art teacher setting up art classes with kids to make t shirts and magnets with a Heart for a Home motif -- proceeds will be used to support the outreach happening on the street and through the Abbey. More news to come on that.

F.   CTRAN changes updates -- Andre  -  The CTRAN stop still planned to be shut down affecting FOC.  They state 10.2 per day, but number is highly disputed.  Getting signatures possible, getting REAL numbers and maybe someone watching and recording the stop to provide more verifiable proof. -- Upcoming meeting to have information ready for.  Is there anything we CAN do to ensure safer street crossings or lights to keep accidents happening on one of possible future stop locations?  Will there be possible increased shuttles available for older or physically impaired people to get their mail at the Day Shelter location so they dont lose their mail / benefits / appts due to increased walking distance to mail pick up now? Need to maybe increase presence at neighborhood meetings to see what their input is going to be.

Need a place to eat or just “be”?  There is always the Friends of the Carpenter and the Share Day Center that has lockers and bathrooms and computers available for use. There is the Share house for daily meals, St. James on Thursday evenings, and Charger Park on Saturday evenings for Free Hot Soup and final Sunday afternoons for the Stone Soup community meal.   If you are unfamiliar with where and what resources are available, please talk to me or Ren and many others in the room. No one should ever leave here feeling alone or uninformed.  

Introductions / Ideas:    Asked what we should make a priority for the CCURA / what should we be doing?

  • Get more people to meetings
  • Improving meeting structure / Roberts Rules of order?
  • Networking, community radio opportunity
  • Boomerangs & other donation stores
  • Education and connection to resources
  • Network to avoid duplication of services
  • Connect with politicians
  • Vancouver Peace & Justice Fair **
  • More specific housing opportunities
  • Fundraising Event - Walk a mile in our shoes
  • CCURA Flyers to hand out (new ones in progress subcommittee: Scott H, Ren A, Adam K)

Announcing the next meeting dates secured THRU DECEMBER 2016!!  Future Community Town Hall meetings will be on the second Thursday of the month at St. Luke’s, at the same 2-4pm.   July 14 - and we will be meeting downstairs as this space will be set up for Vacation Bible School