Group Name Announcement and Purpose
This is the monthly meeting of the Clark County Unhoused Residents Association.  The purpose of these meetings is to establish the membership of this association as viable productive residents of Clark County and to bring their collective voice together.  For the purpose of collaboration, communication, and advocacy as it relates to the health and well-being of said, and furthermore as it relates to the strengthening, healing, and empowerment of its members and of Clark County.  “No decisions about us, without us.”

  1. Who Adam is, his history and what OutsidersInn is.   
  2. Announcements of leadership persons wanted / needed for future meetings.
  3. What is currently happening:
  • Lawsuit against county and city including work crews (clarification, not individual work crew members – the main organization running work crew).   
  • Point brought forward Vancouver is first city in US to change camping ordinance without litigation. Portland is following suit.
  • Discussion of the street camping situation:  Negatives and reality viewpoints shared from unhoused residents.  Trash, drug use, bathrooms, vandalism.  Felt it could have been smoother if it had better planning and supervision.
  • Explanation about Safe Car Camping & Safe Hut Parking Programs.  A little about hut builders Huts for Hope – what they do along with ownership clarifications and answers about supervision by Church hosts with peer support assistance through Outsiders Inn and – with the car camping, the CftH process of getting permissions / locations for car camping. Respond to questions of sanitation at Church camping locations.
  • Long task force meetings. -- Tiny homes, boarding homes, in-fill homes.  Laws and policies have to change for a lot of those ideas to be able to happen.
  1. Community member questions / comments
  • Property alongside the I-5 NB off-ramp old visitor center area – who owns this city, county or DOT? – It has plumbing and toilets. Can we pull a Dignity Village with this space? Show compassion for our homeless while we demonstrate our need and abilities?  We are in emergency mode – not battle mode. We need to bring real ideas to our task forces. They are willing to listen and are trying to find viable locations
  • Comments on NIMBY challenges.
  • Why are we not using Housing First models with our local foreclosures? –
  • “Nothing” out there for couples.
  • Giving homeless people an area to “watch and keep clean”, help them have goals and respect for a space.  Relationship awareness classes.  Giving people a space to care for and to improve their health and connections and mental health.
  • With donation of a space and a large tent, have homeless art and community work space. Equipment, tools, space – we have the talent and need to have focus.
  • Where is the safe place to park without being on camera?  Stores are all on camera and have been known to harass.  – Input on safe parking locations.
  • Single women space needs to be a priority.  Couples too – but especially single women.
  • Need a shelter bed that doesn’t require someone to leave during the day and having to walk around and figure out where to go during the day.  You can’t heal or sleep or rest. 
  • Portland and Vancouver idea sharing?  Is this happening? – Yes it is, but limited due to size differences and state laws.
  • Kaiser Permanente old building – what is happening with this?? Discussions about Town Plaza, Living Hope building and other possible locations.
  • Mandi Vee -- Community Library for Homeless Art Collection.  Now to Beginning of April for first Friday – in April for whole month.
  • Are we good with having a public forum? – Can we invite police, church, service providers?  Yes. Keep names and warrant checks out.
  • Falling thru cracks.  How do some people get housing right away when I have been working on navigating the system for over 5 years?
  • So glad that this meeting is happening. We needed a place to express these situations to someone that will listen and maybe translate this.
  1. Community & Visitor Introductions
  2. Next Meeting will be March 10 at the same location, St. Luke's Church from 2 to 4 pm.  There are entrances available for special needs.  Please ask for help if you need assistance.