What is the CARE Initiative?

Community Advisory, & Resource Engagement initiative. This year long initiative will provide peer support opportunities to deeply listen to our community. We care about you and would like to offer the opportunity to share what the experience of housing instability has been like for you.

What Community? 

Those being assisted by shelters, housing or assistance programs in Southwest Washington. Residents of affordable housing programs or anyone who has ever struggled to find, keep or maintain housing. We welcome your input and feedback on your past or current experiences. We want to hear your story.

What is Peer Support?

Peer support workers are people who have lived experience with mental health, and/or substance use disorders and traumatic experiences like homelessness - and we use this mutuality of experience to make a connection and help our community see that recovery from all of these is something achievable. Peer support brings a level of acceptance, understanding, and validation needed in our community to heal from the trauma of housing instability. Housing Peer Support Specialists work with participants to develop goals, create strategies for self-empowerment, and offers practical advice along the way while encouraging a person's purpose and potential. 

What about Resources?

  • What is it that you need to overcome a barrier to housing? -  Housing Assessments? Health Care? Mental Health help? Treatment or a Support Group?  Can we help connect you to someone or something that will help?
  • What about in a broader sense? - What is working? What isn’t working? What do we need more of, and what isn’t even available at all? All options for discussion are on the table, but we need to hear from YOU!

What does Advisory mean?

After a year of listening, we will report out to the entities that make decisions about services, programs, and funding what people are saying in de-identified ways. The data and the stories will fuel and advocate for change and improvement as we move forward into the next decade.

Who is Outsiders Inn?

We are people who have endured living without a home at some point in our lives. Our non profit has been providing peer support to people experiencing homelessness since 2015. We believe in building community through involving the people of the community. We have strongly advocated that listening to authentic voices from those receiving services is the only way to truly build a system that works for everyone in our diverse community. 

How is this Initiative Supported?

This initiative is supported in partnership with the Council For The Homeless and a few individual donors with big hearts. With their financial and logistical support we will engage with our community and elevate the information gathered from our efforts and reach out and inform those who can help create and support solution centered responses.